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Let's be honest, building a comprehensive blog site is no small feat. It demands time and creativity to design, select a color palette, code, ensure responsiveness, incorporate animations, choose icons, and manage 100+ other tasks. This daunting list is often what holds us back from launching our blog.

But, there is a simpler way. - I've designed a fully-responsive, Hacker News-themed blog template ready to be deployed.

It includes:

  • Home page: Hosting top 10 blogs from your CMS (you can change this count to whatever you like)
  • All Posts page: Listing all blogs from your CMS
  • About page: To add something about yourself and connect with your readers
  • Contact page: To allow your readers, potential clients, or collaborators to reach out to you.

Here's why this blog site template surpasses your previous endeavors:

  • No coding required: Framer's latest tool is a no-code platform. Just bring your content and fill in the blanks.
  • Fully responsive: I've ensured the site performs seamlessly across all devices - desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • Highly customizable: This modern, clean, minimalist template draws full attention to your content. Still, if you wish to customize, it's a breeze – from section headers to hover states to button UI, you can tweak it all.
  • SEO availability: Make your blog top-notch with proper metadata. You can tailor your SEO needs to ensure that your site looks professional when shared on social media.
  • Free sub-domain or add your own: Framer provides a free sub-domain upon publishing, but you can connect your own domain for a more polished look.

Your purchase includes:

  • A Hacker News-themed, ready-to-deploy Framer template.
  • Fully responsive design
  • Access to Framer community, where I and other creators can help you launch your blog site or clarify any Framer related doubts.

Questions? Ping me on Twitter @sankalpdomore

Note: This template is built in Framer. A free Framer account is required.

The journey of shipping a personal blog is filled with perseverance and courage. I've embarked on it several times and can deeply empathize. Thank you for daring to take the leap 🧡

Happy blogging,

Sankalp 👋

Twitter @sankalpdomore

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HackerNews Themed Blog Template [BuildwithFramer]

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