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Designers, stop procrastinating. You've done the work. Maybe some were freelance projects, some were redesign ones, and some real ones. Every experience you have counts towards your online portfolio. 🙌

I've been designing and publishing my portfolio site since 2012. Almost a decade! And I've seen and reaped the benefits of having an online portfolio. Almost every job that I got so far in my 10+ years of design career, was because of having an online portfolio.

I know that launching a decent portfolio site needs work. A great deal of work. You'll need to design, pick colors, code, make the site responsive, add animations, pick icons, and do 100+ other tiring tasks. And that's why most of us never launch our website. The number of tasks to complete to launch a site is mind-blowing.

There's a better way.

I've designed a fully-responsive, ready-to-be deployed portfolio site where you'll get:

  • Intro section to introduce yourself briefly to your visitors.
  • Project section to showcase your projects (Details you can add here are: 1 hero image, title of the project, details like what you did in the project, who you worked with, etc, CTA to view the project live or a Figma File).
  • Tools section to add tools that you use.
  • About section to add additional info about yourself.
  • Contact section to let recruiters or visitors reach out to you

Why this portfolio site is better than what you've tried so far:

  • No coding required: Framer's new tool is a no-code tool. All you have to do is bring your data and fill out the template.
  • Fully responsive: You don't have to break a sweat in making your site look great on all devices. I've done the work for you. The site works beautifully on all devices, desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Animated elements: A bit of motion design makes the site fun, engaging, and adds a playful experience. I've added motion effects to essential elements on the template. You can ship as it is or tweak them as per your preference.
  • Highly customizable: I've designed the template so that it looks modern, clean, minimalistic, and gives full focus to your content. But, if for some reason, you want to change things up, it's easily doable. You can customize anything from section headers, to card hover states, to button UI.
  • SEO availability: Totally optional but if you care about your site being on top of search results or showing proper meta-data when being shared on social media, the tool got you covered. You can add SEO as per your need and rest assured that your site will look great when shared on social media.
  • Free sub-domain or add your own: When you publish the site with Framer, the tool will give you a free sub-domain that you can use. But if you've got your own domain, you can connect it too for a professional look.

Your purchase will include:

  • Your own ready-to-deploy Framer template. After purchase you will be redirected to the template in Framer. You’ll also receive an email with a link to the template.
  • Fully responsive & animated elements.
  • A video recording where I'll give you a walkthrough of the tool, how you can edit content, and ship your site in just a few hours.
  • Framer’s discord channel where I and other creators can answer your questions whenever you get stuck anywhere and help you launch your site.


  • I am running an early bird discount where the first 20 buyers can buy the template at $15.
  • Once I cross the threshold of 20 buyers, the price of the template will be around $60+ because of all the pre-configuration & hard work behind it.

Still have questions? Reach out to me on Twitter @sankalpdomore

Note: This is a template built in Framer. A free account with Framer is required.

It takes courage and willpower to ship one's website. I've shipped multiple times and I can empathise. Thank you for showing that courage 🧡

Happy shipping,

Sankalp 👋

Twitter @sankalpdomore

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After purchase you will be redirected to the template in Framer. You’ll also receive an email with a link to the template.

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Designer Portfolio Template [Framer]

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